Bi-chiku Beach Nangoku Nyuujoku Satsueikai ep 1

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Bi-chiku Beach Part 1 ビーチクビーチ~南国乳辱撮影会

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An idol group called «Live un veil» has been formed. The members are Nagisa, Nanami and Kaede, and a tour with fans to a southern island has been announced. All TVs and magazines pick it up and a lot of fans apply for it. The main character is Ryou. One day, he receives a parcel, which includes a film, an envelope and some erotic swimsuits for girls. «What is it!?» He opens the envelope, and finds a ticket to the tour and a letter. It says, «If you take a photo using this film, their libido will become uncontrollable….» «Does this mean take a photo of the idols and make them wear these erotic swimsuits?» But he is more interested in taking part in the tour because he also applied for it. He doesn’t care if the film is fake or not. «Great! I’ll spend a happy time with them!» Like this, he participates in the tour…

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